PUP Privitization

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

PUP Privatization


" It is not new to me getting across PUPians activists conducting protest against the plans to reconstruct the countries educational system. I really appreciate their dedication and concern against the government's cutbacks to the university funding and facilities.

 Why should the question in the title should be considered to ask at this moment of time? To gauge the answer we look to the present state of our country that is opening up the internationalism of public education to the modern world.

Education is human right and of public good. It is unfair for the administration to sacrifice the educational opportunities of the youth just to make the a new market of privatization . What we need is funding not to commercialization in order to make the academic degree in accordance with the needs of the modern time. When the proposal is amended I hope that the government will not leave the university totally independent because the students will be ones supporting the university.

Public universities such as PUP have no rich students that can pay for a much higher tuition fee. And the School may not be able to met the target of becoming self sufficient and financially independent because  large population of the poor Filipinos constitutes the state that and are only depending on a subsidized education. These immeasurable facts should not be be ignored. 

Privatization of PUP is a fuzzy concept that evolves sharp Public impact. Both the students and their parents are greatly affected by this proposal. Moreover, the mobility of education in a privatized university is not equal and accessible. Which means the mobility is only for few.

This proposal is a burden for to all SKOLAR NG BAYAN who are solely dependent on the low tuition fee of the university. And just like them, I understand how it effects  us specially the rising of tuition and miscellaneous fees. Students from poor family will loose their educational opportunities because the tuition fee is set to soar higher that they cannot afford them. The rising of fees will erode the values of allowance and left the student living in poverty unable to afford the basic needs for study.

By establishing the private PUP, it seems the administration  is so strapped for funds. In order to fix it, they are limiting their expenditures and finding some alternatives regarding  the state universities  funding. In addition, in order to impose their proposal they are starting a repression against the systematic law. Then why does the government has only been able to finance its military machine and spending billions in paying for foreign debts by slashing the spend for education and of other important services. Education should be the one first priority  of the state before anything less essential. However, the reality is in contrast of the systematic law. The state is sacrificing its tertiary education just to reduce its budgets deficits .

Why should us Filipino youth is the one paying for the government disability?. “NO TO PRIVITIzATION OF PUP and NOT TO EDUCATION COMMERCIALIZATION".

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